Einstein equation on three-dimensional locally symmetric (pseudo)Riemannian manifolds with vectorial torsion

Keywords: locally symmetric space, Lie algebra, vectorial torsion, invariant (pseudo)- Riemannian metric, Einstein manifold


The study of (pseudo)Riemannian manifolds with different metric connections different from the Levi-Civita connection has become a subject of current interest lately. A metric connection with vectorial torsion (also known as a semi-symmetric connection) is a frequently considered one of them. The correlation between the conformal deformations of Riemannian manifolds and metric connections with vectorial torsion on them was established in the works of K. Yano. Namely, a Riemannian manifold admits a metric connection with vectorial torsion, the curvature tensor of which is zero, if and only if it is conformally flat. In this paper, we study the Einstein equation on three-dimensional locally symmetric (pseudo)Riemannian manifolds with metric connection with invariant vectorial torsion. We obtain a theorem stating that all such manifolds are either Einstein manifolds with respect to the Levi-Civita connection or conformally flat.


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Klepikov, P., Rodionov, E. and Khromova, O. (2020) “Einstein equation on three-dimensional locally symmetric (pseudo)Riemannian manifolds with vectorial torsion”, Mathematical notes of NEFU, 26(4), pp. 25-36. doi: https://doi.org/10.25587/SVFU.2019.49.61.003.