Applying Lienard–Schipar’s method to solving of homogeneous fractional differential Euler-type equations on an interval

  • Zhukovskaya Natalia V., Belarusian State University 4 Nezavisimost’ Avenue, Minsk 220030, Belarus
  • Sitnik Sergey M., Belgorod State National Research University, 85 Pobeda st., Belgorod 308015, Russia
Keywords: fractional differential Euler-type equation, Riemann–Liouville fractional integral, Riemann–Liouville fractional derivative, method of Hermitian forms, Hermite’s theorem, Lienard–Schipar’s method


We present the solution of the homogeneous fractional differential Euler-type equation on the half-axis in the class of functions representable by the fractional integral of order $\alpha$ with the density of $L_1(0; 1)$. Using the method of Hermitian forms (Lienard–Schipar’s method), solvability conditions are obtained for the cases of two, three and a finite number of derivatives. It is shown that in the case when the characteristic equation has multiple roots original equation admits a solution with logarithmic singularities.


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